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for your support throughout this unbelievable summer.  We’ve cleared out of the Hamilton Murray theater, but we’ll be back next year for another PST!  See you then.

Time Stands Still has 5 performances remaining this weekend!  See the production critics are describing as “a theater experience that audiences want to talk about” (Town Topics).

The cast of How Thumbelina Found Her Wings entertained customers at Thomas Sweet on Saturday with a surprise performance!

Time Stands Still: The Process

Cast members Evan Thompson (who just played Richard Hannay in PST’s The 39 Steps) and Sarah Paton (who stage managed the production) reflect on the differences between the rehearsal processes for spy spoofery and realistic drama.

Now that our second Sunday matinee has closed, PST’s run of The 39 Steps has finally reached its conclusion! We’re still going strong though, and this weekend we begin performances of our final show Time Stands Still. Although we only just started rehearsing the show in the Hamilton-Murray Theater, we’ve been working on this production since the opening night of The 39 Steps!

Because we worked on the two plays simultaneously, the many differences between them were thrown into sharp relief. The 39 Steps is a ludicrous, adrenaline-pumping romp through Hitchcock references and physical theater. The actors play hundreds of different characters, and the production winks at the audience as it tries to represent something as elaborate as a bustling train station with nothing more than three people and a couple of trunks. The show is never meant to be completely believable – in fact, it’s something of an exercise in finding just how far you can push the audience’s suspension of disbelief.

Time Stands Still presents an entirely different challenge. The drama of the play is best realized by depicting its characters and their experiences as if they were real, living people. As a result, the rehearsal process for Time Stands Still focused more on making each moment believable. Whereas rehearsals for The 39 Steps involved working out complex blocking and quick costume changes, those for Time Stands Still required us to delve deep into the characters’ motivations for their actions and words.

While the action of Time Stands Still takes place exclusively in one apartment, the story takes on a variety of issues. The ethics of war-zone photography, truth in art, and marriage and parenthood all come together to make the story and characters of the play come to life. Working on the play has required us to dig deeper into what we – and the characters we portray – feel about these issues. Ultimately, where The 39 Steps gave us an opportunity to test our physical limits, Time Stands Still has given us a chance to discover more about how we think and feel as human beings.

It is far more than high-speed, side-splitting fun through spyville, it is theater at its most expressive.

You’ve heard the expression “breaking the fourth wall?” Well, the actors in Princeton Summer Theatre’s production of The 39 Steps smash the wall into pieces and stomp on them.

With minimal set and only four actors playing all — I lost count at 130 — parts here, The 39 Steps becomes a tour de force that revels in the magic of theater and the amazing, inventive, ridiculously implausible act of creating something out of only the performers’ creative imagination and the audience’s willing suspension of disbelief.

Credit to director/choreographer Jeff Kuperman for this glorious trailer!!  One more chance to see The 39 Steps this weekend, tomorrow at 2pm (tonight is already sold out).  Hurry on over!

Take a look at PST’s heart-pounding and side-splitting thriller/noir spoof, The 39 Steps!

The acting is quite simply some of the finest you will see in many seasons, and you may never pick your favorite.

Stuart Duncan, U.S. 1 Newspaper